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Best of the Bike Rides Radio Show


Show Description
1 February 18, 2022

Take a soul melting ride on the coldest night of the winter with friends of the show Charlie Parr and Erik Koskinen, live, in studio, for some collaborative musical magic and more. This nearly 2 hour web version contains tons of extra dialogue not heard on the radio, and that always seems to be where the best stories emulate and incubate from. It's a special ride like no other, don't miss this one!
2 January 4, 2022 Dan guest hosts KMSU's Folk Scene Etc. program in honor of late host Bruce Davis; whom we recently lost to cancer. This is a two hour program that delves deep into Bruce's own material as a key contributor to many Folk bands over the decades, and the musical youtube posts created over the last year of his life..Every Bruce Davis/Folk Music friend or fan should enjoy this therapeutic presentation.
3 December 1, 2021 It's a special musical salute to Hank's grandson, Braylon (Captain Ron) and his passion for ships and boats. Included: Pete Seger, Tom Waits, Al Stewart, Bryan Ferry and of course the big freighter standard from old gray whiskers and heavy winter sweater wearing, Canadian Folk God himself, Gordon Lightfoot and the wreck of the EFG.
4 November 27, 2020 Dan's Mom posthumously co-hosts the Bike Rides Radio Show (yes, you read that correctly)
4 September 15, 2017 6 year anniversary show with Charlie Parr!
5 September 30, 2016 The Mischke Interview Part I
6 October 7, 2016 The Mischke Interview Part II
7 October 7, 2016 The Mischke Interview Part III - Outtakes
8 May 15, 2015 Dan and Hank take the show on the road for a Perfect May bike ride with Charlie Parr.
9 November 22, 2013 Reality Radio Theater: Retired Riverland instructor and Theater Director, Jerry Girton joins in studio for an interview with a surprising twist from the Bike Rides show.
10 August 30, 2013 Martin Zellar and Nick Ciola cruise into the Bike Rides studio for a delightful hour of music and musings.
11 February 22, 2013 Sena and Ed Ehrhardt join in studio to promote their sophomore release on Blind Pig Records titled "All In." You've GOT to hear Ed play and Sena sing in studio, frankly it's MESMERIZING!!